Ohio Turfgrass Foundation


Ohio Turfgrass FoundationThe mission of the Ohio Turfgrass Foundation is to advance the turfgrass industry through research, education and advocacy.

Founded in 1961 to provide information to turfgrass managers in Ohio, the Foundation has grown to provide resources to the industry locally, regionally and even internationally. Through our news publications, regular email content and award winning use of technology, OTF continues to advance the industry and the turfgrass professional.


Recently, members of the OTF board and industry practitioners met to discuss long-range planning for the Foundation. In order to continue meeting the needs of turfgrass managers, the following priorities were established and provide us a road map to follow in order to help the industry evolve:

  • Increase awareness of careers in turfgrass management
  • Continue to grow the OTF Conference & Show into the region’s “can’t miss” turf event
  • Strengthen our membership to increase the member value
  • Educate policy makers and the public on the benefits of turf and help change invalid perceptions of the industry