Providing Integrated Lawn Care & Landscaping Services

For more than twenty years our company has offered integrated lawn care services to our community and neighborhood areas. What makes (and has always made) us different from other companies is our approach to lawn care and and the wide range of innovative lawn and landscaping services that we offer.

Ever since we began, we understood we had a great responsibility not only to our customers, but the environment itself. Today, we are proud to boast a large pool of satisfied and returning customers that are thrilled with our impeccable services and especially for the health and beauty of their lawns. We understood long ago that a competitive business in the green industry needs to distinguish itself by the results obtained, the high quality of services and by the people providing these services.

Today, we are a highly ranked lawn care provider in Ohio and a model of good practices. So why should you choose us instead of the other guy?

  • We care about all the details and complete a strict checklist each time we visit your property. We don’t leave until we made sure everything is perfect and your expectations were met and exceeded.
  • We are licensed specialists. All our techs are trained and certified through the Ohio Department of Agriculture.
  • We believe that experience in the field counts the most. Our techs average over 12 years with our company and over 21 years in the industry. We offer them constant training in horticulture, agriculture, pest control, innovative landscape architecture, technology and environmental protection.
  • We have been in business for over 20 years and we are here to stay.
  • We screen our employees. We know how much safety means to all our clients, this is why all employees go through a complete check. We also come backed by solid insurance policies, so everything and everybody is safe while we work on your property.
  • We invest in our customers through yearly training seminars for our employees. Customer care is a value we hold dear, this is why our techs are constantly trained in connected fields such as communication and customer service.
  • We offer premium organic programs in lawn, tree-shrub and mosquito control as an option, because we know how important it is for you to enjoy a sustainable, safe and clean environment for years to come.
  • We make things easy for all our customers. Our web site comes with a customer portal allowing you to easily manage your account online.
  • We are available 24/7 and we never neglect efficient communication with our clients. We have dedicated office staff to answer your important calls and answer all your questions.
  • We value transparency and honesty; this is why we never hide extra costs in the fine print of contracts and we never charge you for things we haven’t done. We couldn’t have made it for the last twenty years if our customers hadn’t been able to trust us with their properties and budgets.