Tree & Shrub Care

Tree & Shrub CareTrees and shrubs are the pillars of nature and the breathing soul of your property. While resilient, trees and shrubs need more protection and care than you might consider.  In the last 20 plus years, we developed a highly efficient tree and shrub program which ensures your wooden vegetation’s proper health, thriving and resilience all year long. Our program includes 6 visits a year and consists of:

Dormant Oil Treatment

This is an early spring dormant oil application meant to control over wintering pests on maples, oaks, most evergreens and many shrubs.

Spring Insect and Disease Control

The next step is to selectively apply insect and disease controls which provide further protection against spring pests and diseases.

Early Summer Insect and Disease Control

The selectively applied insect and disease controls have the purpose to protect trees and shrubs against invading summer pests and diseases.

Summer Insect and Disease Control

Summer is a season requiring careful inspection and selective spraying. Such treatments minimize the damage caused by summer pests such as lace bugs, mites, weevils and bag worms.

Fall Insect and Disease Control

During this season we carefully inspect and selectively spray trees and shrubs to control fall pests such as scale and mites.

Fall Deep Root Fertilization

A fertilization injected into the root zones to promote a healthy and vigorous root system.

Besides these services we include in our yearly plan, we can also offer you 2 additional tree and shrub services, to further enhance their looks, health and resilience:

  • Spring Deep Root Feeding
  • Late Fall Dormant Oil Treatment

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We have been offering tree and shrub care services for over twenty years. We have specialized staff knowing everything about horticulture, agriculture and landscaping so they are more than competent in offering you the best and most reliable yearly maintenance programs. But in case you don’t take our word for it (and you shouldn’t), you can put us to the test yourself! Call now and ask for a free quote and you will enjoy our personal 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy. Give us a call today!