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Turf Blog

Getting Rid of Grubs in Summer: Lawn Care Westerville, OH Specialists’ Tips

Grubs represent the larvae of the June beetle or the June bug. Their presence on your property is a sign that you should thoroughly consider an extensive pest evaluation, as these predators are there to stay. Their peak season is represented by the months of July and August when they unleash their maximum destructive potential. Grubs should not be taken lightly, as they are terrifying predators of everything green. This is why our lawn care Westerville, OH specialists and our lawn care Worthington, OH experts have a few tips, tricks and recommendations for you on grub control and deterrence. Continue reading

Hiring Experts In Lawn Care – Powell OH Property Owners’ Factors To Consider

Everyone needs a little help from time to time. Lawn care, Powell OH residents should know, entails a huge amount of time, effort and even money. If you want a lush lawn worthy of the front cover on a magazine, then it is imperative to work for it. However, not everyone has the time to allocate for lawn care. There are some who simply have too much on their plate while there are others who simply cannot perform physical tasks due to health issues. And of course, if you want to achieve a well-manicured lawn, you also have to invest time into learning the proper ways to care for it. In such cases, it is worthwhile to enlist the aid of lawn care specialists to give you a helping hand, whether for a big task like eliminating pests or reviving a badly damaged lawn or for smaller tasks like spring cleaning. Continue reading

How to Care for Your Roses in Summer: Our Lawn Care Pros’ Recommendations

Summer is the time of the roses – these lush, fragrant and gorgeous flowers have the time of their life these months, charming you with their bright bold colors, their hypnotizing scents and their surreal beauty. But the scorching summer months in your area may also negatively impact your roses, together with pests and specific diseases, all leading to incommensurable damages. Today, our lawn care experts, together with their landscaping colleagues came up with a short guideline of summer roses’ care for you to take into consideration. Preserve your roses, keep them healthy and safe and enjoy a fragrant, colored and dreamy summer on your property! Continue reading

Turf Ohio Launches New Website to Improve Their Customer Service Offering.

Turf Ohio has been offering quality lawn care services at affordable prices to our community for a long time now, and the one thing we have learned, is that customer service is just as important as the lawn care services we offer. Turf Ohio goes above and beyond to ensure our customers are happy with our work, and now we are making it easier to request and pay for services. Continue reading